What is the One question that every Man and woman asks themselves Multiple times in Their life That really determines if they will be fulfilled or Not?
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At the age of 34 Keith Realized that being successful wasn't enough, he wanted fulfillment and wanted to know why he was born.  This Video will describe the crazy things he discovered that no one else is talking about...And it is way easier than you think!
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3 Biggest Misconceptions On Finding Your Calling
Learn the 3 biggest misconceptions that are holding you back from discovering why you were born and what to do about it.  Keith will show you that what everyone is teaching about this right now is actually making you more confused than ever.
Why Jumping "All in" is the Biggest Mistake and How to Avoid it
If you know deep down you are called to something greater than what you are doing now, Keith will show you how to tap into that and live that purpose without going broke, bankrupt or having to beg your boss for your job back.
How Michael Jordan, Steve martin and oprah are Just like You
Keith will show you that knowing your calling and path in life will put you in the same grouping of MJ, Steve and Oprah and how they too wrestled with calling. All the books have it WRONG, so stop reading them watch this Video NOW.